MASFAP is ready to rock the lodge. Register now for the 2022 conference where we'll make new friends, hug (or air-five from 6 feet away) old ones, and make lots of great memories. Below are a few highlights of the conference.


Conference attendees can choose 1 of 3 credentials to attempt. A box lunch will be served after 12 noon (don't forget to check in), and school starts at 1pm. Attendees will have 3 hours of seated instruction at the lodge, and 45 days to take the NASFAA test. And best of all - there is no fee to take the exam. Participants will receive a voucher for the test fee. Not a bad way to up your knowledge, build your resume, or recertify your FAAC status. If you have enough credentials, attend the director's meeting instead, which will happen during the credential instruction time.


Dinner is served at 6pm sharp Monday evening because the next 1.5 hours will be jam packed with Cassandra's President's Welcome, an introduction to our charity, and world-class magician Scotty Wiese as the keynote to end the affair.

Our keynote is a magician. Scotty Wiese, a Colorado native, began magic at a young age and has devoted his career to empowering people through connection. His message, centered around the human connection, is an inspirational dose of what many have had too little of lately.


You'll get a little more human connection thanks to our chosen charity, The Burrell Foundation. Based in Springfield and reaching 18 counties in Missouri, the Burrell Foundation is the charitable arm of Burrell Behavioral Health. The foundation supports the organization by promoting mental health awareness and services. There will be many ways to support them as you move through the conference. Think swag, a silent auction, and a friendly little competition, to name a few.

 Evening activities

Don't disappear for the night! Instead, form a team of friends (or sabotage your enemies) and prepare for a battle of the minds with trivia on Monday night. The competition continues during breaks with a silent auction for The Burrell Foundation. Just knowledge. No Googling, and no magic spells! Save the spells for Tuesday evening for an interactive magic workshop featuring a guest magician.