Each year MASFAP selects a non-profit organization to support through various fundraisers. In honor of the conference's focus on mental health, MASFAP is proud to partner with the Burrell Foundation, a charitable arm of Burrell Behavioral Health.

Why It Matters

Mental health is a growing concern across all age groups. Traumatic events, isolation, increasing pressure at school or work, or questions about identity can be factors in someone's mental health. Nobody is exempt from a crisis, and many people have concerns that they are unsure what to do about. But there is help.

At the same time, colleges are stretched to their thinnest and may lack resources to be proactive in student care, despite their best intentions.

The Burrell Foundation seeks ways to be proactive and bring care to where it is needed next.

Get Involved

You can choose your involvement level at the conference based on your comfort level!

Wellness wall
A fun, friendly and safe way to lift up others and share your stories.

Attendees will be placed into 4 groups, each with a different color. Throughout the conference individuals can write notes and place them on a wall. Notes can be anonymous - or not - and can be anything. Want to compliment someone on their hair? Note. Something on your mind? Note.

Note cards can be purchased for $1 each. The team who raises the most money wins! 

Silent Auction
A MASFAP favourite on Monday night. Bid against your peers for cool stuff in the most exciting game of chicken you can leisurely play.

Burrell T-shirts will be available for $20 each. Instant cool factor without the shipping cost. You can also purchase directly from their Minds Matter online store.

The Art of Being ME
A heartfelt travelling showcase of over 20 brave individuals sharing their mental health journey. A portion of this exhibit will be recreated at the conference as a special project just for MASFAP. The exhibit will be open throughout the conference and is free to browse. 11/10 would recommend.

Where the Money Goes

All money raised during the conference will be funneled toward mental wellness initiatives on college campuses.